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Whilst the quality, design, fit and

safety aspects of our products sets

them apart in a crowded market,

it is the packaging, marketing and

merchandising support which really

makes us market leaders.

As with our costumes and accessories, all our packaging

and point of sale material is designed exclusively in-house

by our creative team. This ensures every aspect of each

product creates a lasting impression.

Furthermore, we are committed to protecting your

business; our dedicated Intellectual Property team of

qualified legal professionals work tirelessly to protect the

RH Smith brands.

The team seek out infringements of our intellectual

property, copyright and trademarks, taking legal action

against all counterfeit products across web platforms

globally and other retail channels.

By protecting our brands and our intellectual property

rights, removing counterfeit products from the market, we

are in turn protecting not only the dress up industry, but

the business interests of you, our customers.

Going the extra mile

to make you smile