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The Smi ys approach
We take safety very seriously and invest heavily to
ensure the integrity and safety of all our products.
In 2015 alone, we invested over £1,000,000 in our
safety testing and procedures. We are delighted to
be working with the Lincolnshire Trading Standards
on the Primary Authority pilot scheme recognising
how seriously we take safety.
Working in partnership with our preferred global
Test House - Intertek, Smi ys follow a strict due
diligence process to ensure that all our products are
rigorously tested before they reach the market. Every
product line is batch tested at production stage and
on arrival in to the UK. Additional spot checks are
performed as a surveillance measure, to ensure that
the highest safety standards are maintained.
What are the regulations for
children’s costumes?
Children’s costumes must comply with EN71.
This is a European standard which tests
for ammability, choking and strangulation
hazards, and toxicity.
In the UK and Europe, nightdresses, pyjamas,
dressing gowns, bath robes and similar
garments must comply with the Nightwear
(Safety) Regulations standards BS 5722 and
other relevant standards.
Our dedicated in-house team ensure that
all of our children’s costumes (and certain
accessories) are manufactured and rigorously
tested to comply with both EN71 regulations
and Nightwear (Safety) Standards. This
ensures that all Smi ys children’s costumes
exceed safety standards.
“We are now voluntarily testing all of
our children’s costumes to the most
stringent ammability standards,
the Nightwear regulations, whilst
supporting the work being done on
the extended EN71 part 2 regulations.
It’s important that all of our customers
have the information to make an
informed choice when buying dress-
up costumes and fancy dress and we
always hope they value the quality and
investment we make in ensuring we
provide a fantastic range with fun and
safety in mind.”
Dominique Pecke , Director
Individual fabrics and
components are tested for
toxicity, to make sure we
manufacture a safe and t
for purpose costume.
Watch out for
Smi ys
packaging always
contains our logo,
addresses, registered
trademark, size
guide, safety symbols
and warnings.
As part of EN71, costumes
are tested to make sure that
they do not pose a choking
or strangulation risk.
EN71 measures the ‘rate
of ame spread’ on fabric
and complete costumes
and how quickly the ame
All Smi ys children’s
costumes have
“Warning. Keep away
from re”
of the burn rate within
the EN71 regulatory
limit. The CE mark
shows that the product
meets the European
Toy Safety Directive
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